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Hornby Island

Hornby Viewpoint

Hornby Island is located in the Northern Gulf Islands and is accessed via ferry from Denman Island and Vancouver Island.   It is renowned for it’s mellow island charm that lets you forget about everything else except; the great scenery, culture, recreation and environment that you experience on the island.

Hornby Island was named in 1850 after Rear Admiral Phipps Hornby, who at that time was the British Commander of the Pacific Station.  Since being named, Hornby Island has survived many different social and economic face lifts.  It started in 1870 with a whaling station and over a hundred and thirty years later, arts, culture, tourism and recreation are now Hornby’s main economic drivers and attractions.  In-between these times, the Island found prosperity through whaling, fishing, logging and farming.  What Hornby Island now offers is a great island experience, with stunning scenery, a unique environment, beautiful beaches, plenty of artisans and a variety of recreational pursuits, including mountain biking.

The mountain biking on Hornby Island is almost too good to be true.  The island is setup perfectly for riding as Mt. Geoffrey, where the riding is centralized is an absolutely perfect slope.  Due to this perfect grade, almost all of the trails can be ridden both up and down the mountain.  As the trails are not too steep, the riding is extremely fast and flowy with minimal braking sections and very few tight corners.  The trails also shed water very well and this combined with great trail design and a hearty local maintenance crew, keep these trails in great shape all year round.  They are some of the fastest trails that you will ever ride!  The views from the ridge trail looking back at Vancouver Island are also well worth the climb to the summit of Mt. Geoffrey which is a great place to relax and enjoy lunch or a snack.  Check out this helmet cam video for proof of the trail flow and great views…….

Island Mountain Rides will show you all the local favourites in the right order to maximize flow!  IMR can provide custom rides that show you all of the great trails and finish with a swim in the ocean, a fish taco by the beach or a beer in the pub.  It is also tradition to stop by the legendary Hornby Bike Shop,  Hornby Island Outdoor Sports .

Hornby’s trails are visible from the deck of our waterfront accommodation at Fletcher Cabin on Denman Island.  From the Cabin it is a 5 minute ride to the ferry and then a short 10 minute passage to Hornby Island.  IMR can put together great multi-day packages based out of Fletcher Cabin that can include guided mountain biking, kayaking and other outdoor pursuits.  Please see our pricing page for more details.

Hornby is also easily accessible from Cumberland and the Riding Fool Hostel.  Within an hour from the Riding Fool, you can be on the ferry to Hornby, enjoying the light sea breeze, checking out marine life while looking at Mt. Geoffrey as you sail in.

A visit to Denman and Hornby Island is certainly a experience that you will never forget and Island Mountain Rides can take you there!


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